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The Adventures of Inner City Kitty

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During the 10+ years Jill Kramer lived in Los Angeles, she worked as a freelance story analyst for NBC, CBS, and other entertainment entities; a copywriter for various ad agencies; and a book editor for a number of publishing companies. She then relocated (with Hay House) to the North County area of San Diego, where she was Editorial Director for almost 18 years and edited numerous New York Times bestsellers.

Jill is a highly skilled writer (of virtually anything, from the most creative to the most technical), editor (of anything that has words); proofreader (who is obsessive about catching typos); and a literary agent who reps both fiction and nonfiction books in all genres.

She is also an avid tennis and pickleball player; and lover of animals, books, film, music, TV, and domestic and international travel.

Jill grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. She went on to skip her senior year of high school and graduate at age 20 from Boston University with a B.S. degree in TV and Film (with a minor in English). She started her career as an editorial assistant for a Boston textbook publisher, and then went on to be a photo editor for a stock photography agency. She was also a freelance movie/restaurant reviewer and advice columnist for various Boston newspapers.

After moving to San Diego to escape the frigid Boston weather, Jill secured a position as a textbook editor for a major publisher, where she worked for several years (while also writing social commentary on a freelance basis for various publications) before moving to L.A. so that she could utilize her TV/film background. Jill went on to become the Editorial Director of a publishing company specializing in self-help and mind-body-spirit books, where she edited multiple New York Times bestsellers over nearly 18 years..

Jill is the author of several books, including The Adventures of Inner-City Kitty: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1957807873/

Catlove, and Love Dat Cat. She  lives in the beach town of Encinitas, north of San Diego, with her three cat children. She is currently available for full-time/freelance/contract/part-time/telecommuting editing, writing, proofreading, and copywriting assignments; and consultation on publishing projects of any kind. For three years, she wrote daily syndicated radio pieces for Dr. Drew Pinsky, and is also a part-time literary agent for Waterside Productions, Inc.

You can contact Jill at: jkcats210@gmail.com.

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